Step by step guide on how to write excellent SEO articles


Step by step guide on how to write excellent SEO articles

SEO articles and blogs are truly an important part of your online marketing strategy.

Every website needs proper content that lays out the work that the business does and what they are invested in performing, their vision, and the services they offer.

This article will deal with SEO content writing tips.

Tips to write excellent SEO articles

Apart from this, it is a great idea to have a blog linked to the website offering informative articles on your niche.

This will tell the search engine and the visitors that you are an authority in the field and hence, more importance will be given.

However, coming up with content is not necessarily the only thing you need to worry about.

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Keywords and facts

The content you plan to post on your website or blog should be engaging, share-worthy, informative, and most importantly, contain the proper keywords to make sure that people can search for it.

Conduct research and figure out the words or phrases that the people use while searching for your business niche.

You can maybe create a list of this and keep a note of how many times you have used each one in your content.

You can also try to use tools to track your ranking on the targeted keyword.

Simply inserting the keywords randomly in your content will not do. Try to make sure your title contains the keyword.

Have the keyword present in H1 or H2 and ensure it is present a couple of times in the first 300 words.

Also, keep in mind that the keywords should not show up oddly in the content. They should flow with the tone of the article and make for good reading.

After the first 300 words, try using the variation of the main keyword.

Informative content

It is a good idea to make sure that the SEO articles you come up with contain information that is not available elsewhere.

This means that the visitors will flock to your blog or website for getting an answer to their queries. Since it is your business, it is only right to assume that you know the best.

Prove it by coming with informative articles and do pay attention to the keywords.

It is of no use if you plan to write excellent articles bursting with unique information if no one can find it!

Another thing to note is that search engine gives importance to articles that are relatively longer.

It is a good idea to keep your blog post to a minimum of 500 words, rather than going for one which is simply just 100 words.

Google Analytics

Many newbies make the mistake of simply writing the SEO articles, publishing it, and then moving on.

You need to monitor your articles and analyze how they are performing by using tools, such as Google Analytics.

Bounce rate, time on site, and pages per session are equally important as the keyword density.

If your website’s bounce rate is high, it means that the visitors are not spending a lot of time.

It is reasonable conclusion that they do not care to browse around your website because it does not provide the information they are after.

You could also try optimizing the page with the appropriate keywords.

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