How to hire freelancers online: A detailed guide


How to hire freelancers online: A detailed guide

In this age of start-ups, most of them prefer to hire freelancers rather than employing full-time resources.

This requires less legal paperwork and is cheaper for those who are just starting out. Take a look at this article about freelancing

Where will I be able to hire freelancers?

There are plenty of freelance platforms, such as and They have freelancers from across the globe for all kinds of skills.

Other options to find freelancers are to ask your friends or colleagues for someone reliable they can recommend. There are plenty of freelance jobs online. 

There are established agencies which coordinate between the freelancers and the client. You will even find specialized agencies which work with only a specific field of work.

You will find many candidates as many people prefer to take up freelance jobs from home.

Potential problems you might run into

The first is the region barrier. If the freelancer is not living in the same region, then there will issues, thanks to different time zones.

In a situation where you want to get some changes done, you will have to wait a day for them to respond and another day till you get back the updated work.

Do you think you work will be able to cope up with this sort of overhead? There are many who do. Another barrier you might face is the language barrier.

Though freelancers across the continent might be charging less, would this be profitable to you in the long run?

When your time limit of two months has been stretched to four months, would you still be happy with it?

A better idea is to hire freelancers who are in your region and with whom you find it easy to communicate. Though you might be paying a little bit more for their services, you know it is going to be worth it in the long run.

Rates and prices

Unfortunately, the rates differ from person to person. Some freelancers work on a per hour basis while others work on a per-project basis.

Think about your finances and choose the one which would suit you the best. Freelancers even have different rates according to the field of work they are in.

For example, a content writer might charge a different rate per hour and a software developer something else.

The rates vary according to the experience of the freelancer, the work to be done, and the field of work they are in.

How to choose wisely?

It is a good idea to get a paid sample done by the freelancers you are hoping to establish a long-term work relationship with. That way, you will both be on the same page.

You, as the client, can look at the work efficiency and quality while the freelancer will also get an opportunity to find out about the work.

Never, ever ask a freelancer to work for free. It is disrespectful and insulting.

If you cannot afford a sample test, then take a look at the past work, the feedback, and the portfolio of the freelancer and make a decision.

In conclusion, working with freelancers is a great way to keep your business running and to indulge in less paperwork.

If you strike a chord with the freelancer you are currently working with and would like to work more in the future, just sit down and lay down your ideas. They might be willing to go ahead too!

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