A guide to avoiding the pitfalls in SEO


A guide to avoiding the pitfalls in SEO

Local business owners need to pay attention to the pitfalls in SEO and navigate their way carefully around search engine optimization and the strategies used.

Dealing with pitfalls in SEO

It might be tempting to use black hat SEO techniques in order to take a shortcut to success. Check this out.

However, Google always keeps itself a step ahead. It has taken to banning those websites which use such techniques.

Here are some common errors that many people make. Take a look at pitfalls in SEO and make sure that you do not go down the same path.

A distinct name and correct details

Make sure the name of your business relates to the type of business. An indistinct name could slow down your brand recognition. It can also possibly affect your rankings.

If you are deciding on a name, do not limit yourself to a certain type of service or geographical area. You may well expand your business, either geographically or by expanding the number of services you offer.

Try not to use a PO box address as your business’s local address. As far as possible, try to list your own residence address.

However, if you have privacy concerns, you can list your business on the directories which lets you hide the address.

Understand local SEO strategy and use it to your benefit.

Geographical location and reviews

Before Google’s Possum update, it was believed that opening your business practice in a location or building where other companies in the same industry operated was highly beneficial for search engine ranking.

After the update, it turns out that it is better to maintain some distance from the other companies as otherwise certain businesses get filtered out.

Try to make sure you have clear-cut policies in place and they are easily available on your website. It is hard to show yourself in a good light once you are down with a few negative reviews.

Lately, more and more people are relying on searches and online reviews to find out trustworthy local businesses. Make sure that your business has good reviews and a reliable online presence.


Your website is your image online. Try to invest as much as possible in building an optimized website, otherwise, it is highly likely that you will be spending resources down the line to revamp the site.

It is cheaper and a whole lot easier to get it done right the first time. Having a shoddy website is one of the main pitfalls in SEO.

Since .com extensions are the most accepted and recognized domains out there, it is advised that you always try to get a website with the .com extension as far as possible.

Try to make sure that your website is not built entirely in Flash as it can cause technical problems to both the visitors and the search engines.

It is also a good idea to steer away from any website development technology that keeps your website from being crawled, indexed, or discovered by Google.

As always, we come back to content. You should know by now that having good and fresh content is the key to having a great SEO.

Make sure all the web pages are original and optimized. There should not be any duplicate content as that can be considered to be a black mark.

Check out some tested SEO techniques for your information. There are plenty of local seo ideas.