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Suprise the love of your life this Valentines Day

Suprise the love of your life this Valentines Day

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Love is the best.

Love makes you swoony and starry-eyed and tumbles you head over heels. Even if you think Valentine’s Day is for suckers, let yourself get swept up in the romance of it all. Embrace this heartfelt day to let your baby know just how dang much you love them.

To that end, here are nine spectacular gifts they’ll assume you spent hours dreaming up. Go on and take full credit, then sit back and reap the benefits.

Love song

Write a Love Song

There’s a reason musicians get so much booty—everyone wants their own song. Fulfill your sweetheart’s secret longing, and write a song in their honor. Whether you need help with lyrics, music composition, or just creating the whole darn thing—the music professionals on Thumbtack will make you smoother than Marvin Gaye.


Sweets for Your Sweet

Get your sweetie feeling extra sweet with a dessert custom made by a pastry chef. Your little honey bun will adore a cake handcrafted in their honor. If you’re feeling super cheeky, request the pastry chef recreate a photo of you two kissing out of fondant frosting on top.


Custom Jewelry

The home run of Valentine’s gifts—a jewelry box full of something special. Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, tell the jeweler your vision and let them bring a one of a kind design to life for your babe. Ten out of ten dudes, ladies, and non-binary partners agree—custom-made jewelry scores serious points.


Pop the Question on Camera

Proposing on Valentine’s Day is so damn romantic. The only way to top it is by having a photographer on hand to snap the euphoric shots immediately after the ask. There might be tears, but they’ll be beautiful.


Learn the Dance of Desire

It takes two to tango and nothing says “I’m insanely hot for you,” like learning choreographed foreplay on the dance floor. This gift is all the better if you’ve refused to showcase your two left feet in the past. Willingness is sublimely sexy.

Learn to Play a Love Song on the Ukulele

It will be adorable. We promise.

Take the Plunge

What could be more romantic than leaping headfirst out of an airplane with the one you love on a tandem skydive? Maybe proposing in midair. Just don’t drop the ring.


Snap that Sex Appeal

Boudoir photographs are like glamour shots all grown up. They’re whatever you want them to be, and they’re a fabulous gift for Valentine’s Day. Dare to undress—or at least show a little shoulder—in tastefully risque shots meant solely for your sweetheart.


Trifecta for the Win

Ready to dominate Valentine’s Day? Go for the triple threat with a personal chef preparing a romantic dinner for two in a newly cleaned home, while sensual music is played by the solo artist serenading your meal. There’s no way not to win.

That’s nine easy ways to show your love that you freakin’ love ‘em. Have fun!

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