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Enrich yourself in 2016

Enrich yourself in 2016

New Year

2016, we’re comin’ for ya. We’re gonna be healthier,generous and fitter and more organized, and pretty much you can expect we’re going to be awesome. Here are the ways it’s going to happen.

Cooking 2

Become a Good Cook

2016 will go down in history as the year that people enjoyed eating your food. The year that you didn’t survive on turkey and mayo sandwiches for 9 out of 10 meals. The year you took cooking seriously – and that freedom rings in your kitchen.


Fall in Love Again

Sometimes love takes work. If you and your honey experience a lot of friction—and not the fun kind—consider investing in some professional assistance. Relationship and Marriage Counsellors help couples get through rocky patches—maybe 2016 is the year you iron the differences out.

Garden 2

Plant a Garden

True, January is no time to be digging in the dirt, but it is the time to start planning for spring. Consult a architect to  advise on your vision, and come early spring, plant those seeds for a beautiful lawn, flower garden, or edible veggie garden.

Self Defense

Learn Self Defense

It can be a crazy world out there. What better way to feel safe then acquiring some basic self defense skills? Whether you want to build physical strength, learn to protect yourself against violence, or cultivate discipline—getting yourself enrolled into a Training academy that would foster a new sense of confidence.


Heal an Injury

Yes, you’re tough. But sometimes even tough people need help recuperating from a recurring injury. If you’re tired of gritting your teeth and bearing it, resolve to get physiotherapy  for that injured knee, or acupuncture for the work-related carpal tunnel.


Manage Your Money Better

Money is hard. It feels like you either you have it or you don’t, but all the in-betweens of tracking it, budgeting it, and planning for the future start to get really complicated. Make 2016 the year you sit down with a Investment planner and build the dream house, investment and create a game plan for your dough. It’s less scary than you think.


Lose a Pants Size

Yes, everyone talks about getting fit as their New Year’s resolution, but you really mean it. Making fitness changes can be hard, but not impossible with the help of a personal fitness trainer . Go for it. You’ve got nothing (except a pants size) to lose.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 8.57.09 AM

Experiment with a New Look

You always have long hair and wear skinny jeans. Maybe 2016 is the year you shake life up and talk to a Fashion Consultant. Or hire a makeup artist to revamp that nude palette look. Who knows what will happen when you take a few aesthetic risks?


Improve your Health

Maybe your digestion is slow (try colon therapy), maybe your qi is all blocked up (hey! accupressure is awesome), or maybe you’re just allergic to dairy (a registered nutrionist & dietician can help). Whatever ails you, there’s a cure. Start paying attention to what your body is telling you and start feeling great in the new year.

Life coach

Hire a Life Coach

Have too many resolutions on your list and fear nothing will change in 2016? Get some help with that, seriously. A life coach guides you through the rocky shoals of career, relationships, dealing with stress, and developing positive habits. Sounds like a fabulous way to start the year.

Festive Christmas cupcakes in ice cream cones with sparklers and candy cane sprinkles

Plan an Awesome Party

Was 2015 kinda rough? If you had some setbacks, what better way to come back swinging than by throwing an amazing party. Set aside some dough, hire a home decorator, bring in cooks to do all the cooking and clean up, and have a belly dancer perform at midnight. Why not? Life is short. Celebrate.

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